Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 106 - ...and my in opinionation...

16th April 2013

...the sun is gonna surely shine...!

How good was Blossom, man? Loved that show. Makes me think of my lovely sister, Jen, and all the things we did together when we were younger. Jen is 6 years older than me, so she was an utterly wonderful sister to play with me as much as she did. I have a very clear memory of Jen bagsying the name 'Six' for one of her children. You failed Jen, mine for the taking now.

We used to make up songs and dances a lot. I think we danced so often to Material Girl that I now have muscle memory and will dance that particular dance given the chance (wahey, accidental poetry). The song that sticks in the brain, because it's awesome, is "'cause weeeeeee'rreeeee sisteeeers!" which was about how we help each other out when one of us couldn't do something or couldn't reach. Of course, back then it was me that couldn't reach. Aw, little tiny Jenna. We used to dance to it on the path between the front and back door at home, Jen on her rollerskates, me on my bike, Splash. Memories.

This demonstrates how tiny Jen is. She is 6 going on 7 here...I am a baby. I'm pretty much her size. 'Little' sister.

A few weeks ago for Ruthie's birthday we all decorated fairy cakes, they were delightful. I had real flashbacks to cooking with Jen when we were younger whilst doing this. We used to pretend that we were Delia Smith, and get all the ingredients into bowls all ready to go, and talk to the camera about what we were doing as we did. None of this faffing around weighing and sieving flour, then adding it. No no. All ingredients could be added on the go "First of all sieve your flour into a bowl, then add the sugar and butter" etc. If they could be in see-through bowls, excellent. Otherwise we'd lift them up and display them to the "camera" so our viewers could be sure what we were adding. I miss baking like that. I may do that next time. I should, in fact, do this with Jen as we now have matching-but-not aprons. (Jen, I totally got one for myself like yours! It's red and says Belle, amazing!)

I have the most beyond awesome sister, she takes such good care of me and we have the most fun together. She's given me three of the most perfect niblings in the world, what more can a girl ask for?

People say we look alike a lot. I don't think we don't look alike, but neither of us believe we are the twins some make us out to be. We found a picture of us side by side and scrutinised it and decided it's the chin. Our chin is the same and apparently that's all you need.

Whatever the similarities, I'm a lucky lucky girl to have her. I'm happy to have my name essentially be Jen-Steph cause it means people think I'm like her and that's possibly the biggest compliment I could ever get.



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