Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 87 - End of Term

28th March 2013

Finally we're here! It's been a very short half term, but man alive has it been tiring. I have been ready for today for a long time.

The parents of the children in the class I work in are lovely, and have certainly set me up with a massive chocolate supply that should last me at least a few hours. Hahahahahahanoseriously.

I was driving back down to Kent as usual, and happily for me I was to have company in the form of Miss Flood. After some confusion and traffic and difficulty leaving work we finally found each other and we started our journey back towards Kentshire. Our travels always make me laugh a lot, we sing along to ridiculous songs and make incredibly childish jokes about everything going.

We had a fairly easy first half of the journey, opposite to our last one which was horrendous. We stopped for some food and coffee halfway and sat in the car park for a rather long time because we had too many cups and not enough hands or cup holders. When we finally set off there was a cry of "Oh no, get the cress!" which tickles me to this moment. We had been growing some cress at school, comme d'habitude, and it was coming home with me. It had been put on the dashboard and forgotten about, so flying off towards me as we started the car. I like to think what went through the minds of the people who saw me apparently growing cress in my car.

The rest of the journey followed singing songs, sometimes a cappella to see if we knew all the words, and the last 15 minutes were mainly me wondering if I might have to stop and pee anywhere to save me wetting myself. It was a very real possibility. Once we arrived at our first destination I couldn't even run I needed to wee so much. Full on wee happiness after that I can tell you. Phew.

I arrived back at Pogles shortly afterwards and to my delight found the babies there. I know that Joe is nearly 7, Ruth is quite the little lady and Susie is far too grown up for my liking, but they will always always be the babies, my darling little babies. I was given excellent hugs by Ruthie and Susie and Joe did standard I'm too cool for hugs I'll allow myself to be squeezed hugs, which is fine by me because I can use this situation to practise the fine art of being an embarassing auntie. I like to smoosh him when he does this. Little man.

After some playing and smooshing they had to head home, so I relaxed with Mum and some wine and my slippers. Aaah.



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