Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 99 - Me Party

9th April 2013

So today was my day that was for me and me alone. It was the only day of the Easter Holidays without a plan at the beginning, middle or end of it. I didn't have to go and see anyone or do anything and I couldn't wait. Not that I didn't love seeing everyone else and doing all the amazing things I've done this holiday, but everyone needs a day to just chill.

First things first, massive lie in. Oh yes. I needed this is the biggest of ways, lots of early starts, late nights, and hectic days on the Emerald Isle had knackered me well and truly out. I couldn't tell you what time I woke up, but I know it wasn't as late as some of you expect. When I woke up for the final time I fetched myself a cup of tea and settled myself in bed to final post the past couple of weeks' worth of photos.

This took me the better part of the day and I veered between loving just sitting in bed and writing and going through my photos, and feeling like I was doing last minute homework. I can tell you for certain that I will not be leaving it that long to do that many posts ever again. I did get through an easter egg and a hell of a lot of mini eggs, so this is a very definite plus.

After the blog was finally all updated it was time to shower and ready myself to head to Pogles for the third time. Pack up some clothes, find the things I'd been planning to take back numerous times and repeatedly forgot (I did it again this time, sigh.) and throw some more washing into the machine.

Tom arrived in his usual gallant way as I was pondering getting pizza as a treat to myself and said I could have some of the food he was cooking for himself. In his words "Yeah you could get pizza, or you could be cooked for by a chef in your own kitchen". What girl can say no to that? We had a really totally nice stew thing with chorizo. If I get such lovely treatment as a friend, one can only assume Naomi gets a really totally awesome stew thing with extra chorizo when Tom cooks for her.

The photo for today was crafted for me a couple of weeks ago by Samantha and Clare (another Medwayite I met after leaving Medway). Isn't it lovely? Minus the poor Polar Bear with a poorly stomach. Ahem. I felt it was an apt photo for today because today was AAAALLLLLL about Steph.

I sang this for about 97% of the day.



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