Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 89 - MOT

30th March 2013

Bertha's a healthy car! Woo! I booked her in for her MOT and Service whilst I was in Kent, and dropped her off in the snow (!?!?) at a ridiculous 8:30 in the morning. Mum wasn't feeling great so we chilled out all day at home. Which I enjoy. Pogles is one of my favourite places to be, it's comfy, it's cosy, there's a tap that dispenses boiling water so tea is always mere moments away.

After waiting all day and not hearing anything back about Bertha I eventually called to find out if she was ok, and was told I'd get a call back in 5 minutes. I waited for 15 and then had to set off to get her cause otherwise it would be closed. Luckily, everything was absolutely fine, BOOYAH. Second MOT with no expenses, boom.

I picked up my lovely machine and headed back over to Rainham to collect my passenger. Further singing followed, as per.

An uncomplicated journey back up to Ealing later, and we were back in the flat eating cake. Sam went off to meet her mum and the rest of us went out to Asda to get in supplies for Sunday.

Another uninspiring day, but a win in my eyes. Love you Bertha.



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