Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 88 - Poor little Niblings

29th March 2013

The plan was this. I was going to head over and pick up Joe and Ruthie and go to the cinema, go somewhere fun for lunch and make our way back to the house via a park or something else fun.

A short while before I left the house Jen called to tell me Ruthie had not been well. Oh dear. Conclusion was we'd see how she was when I arrived to collect them and hope that whatever had made her unwell was out of her system. Good.

I arrived at the house, greeted by an incredibly lovely little Susa, and the decision was made that Ruthie seemed to be ok, we'd go ahead with the plan. They were loaded up into the car, and I put on my special playlist I'd made especially for them. To clarify if anyone sees it, they are the reason and the only reason I have One Direction on my iPod, alright?

We made it down to the cinema. Ruthie had seemed a bit quiet, but I had thought that might be the case. We unloaded and as I was giving Joe a hand out of the car I heard a splatter....I turned around to see poor little Ruthie being sick again. After cleaning her off best I could with what was in the car I took her into the cinema toilets to clean her hands and get her some water. Jen and Keith came and collected her, poor little thing, and Joe and I headed into the cinema.

We watched The Croods - I enjoyed it, slightly sad, but fairly good. Film Review....'n that....

Joe seemed to be shifting in his seat quite a lot, but said he was fine throughout the film. As we left he said he felt dizzy, so we sat down again. Hmm. After he recovered we walked outside to get some food, where he told me he didn't want any food, he wanted to go home and that his head was hurting. Oh dear.

We jumped back in the car and made it home, though with Joe making noises in the back that made me want to pull over everytime. Little man just kept saying "You keep going Auntie Stephie, we'll be home soon".

We got him home and into his pyjamas and onto the sofa, which is what you do if you're ill. The invalids snuggled themselves up on the sofa and enjoyed cuddles. Poor Joe's headache was getting quite bad, I think he was having a migraine. I suffer from them myself and he was acting exactly the way I would if I had my mummy there.

Eventually the two of them were asleep on the sofa and Susie was enjoying holding court. Clambering all over them, stroking them, patting them, giving them kisses. She's a very very loving little girlie. Also hilarious. After chattering away at the top of her voice whilst we were all whispering she turned to me, put her finger to her lips and said "SSSHH!" in the most accusatory way possible. It was definitely all me.

I spent the afternoon there having some lovely sleepy hugs from Ruthie, and as much as I hated seeing my babies unwell, nothing can beat a sleepy hug.


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