Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 90 - Commiserbration Party

31st March 2013

Happy Easter!

Today we were having a Commiserbration party. This is a party to commiserate the loss of one flatmate and the celebration of the addition of another.

It was vaguely a cocktail party. Essentially, we wanted an excuse to dress up nice, but it was mainly just us. Though Naomi by far outshone us all in a flapper dress with a boa. Naaiiiled it.

This photo lead to the phrase "Steph wears a fez now!" being said over and over all night. It's a lie, I haven't worn a fez since. Have that Tom.

This was the only drink I had all night that could in all reality call a cocktail. There were other...concoctions, but I think the scientists studying them have definitely ruled out that they are cocktails. Once again we made our raspberry and Amaretto jelly shots, I think there's still a whole load in the freezer that we forgot about. The ones that we knew about went down well.

A highly fun night was had by all, I am greatly enjoying discovering the game Vikings. I won't go into detail, but it involves hand motions and loud noises. Always a pleasure. There was some drama, but no one cried, everyone giggled. As Commiserbration parties go, I think it was a success.



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