Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 92 - Niblings Take Two

2nd April 2013

Tuesday morning I got up and headed into Kent pretty early. I dropped my things off at Pogles and went straight round for the second attempt at taking the kids out.

This time it happened! Woop!

Rather than go to the cinema again we went out for lunch at a Diner and had delicious milkshakes. Well, the kids had strawberry and chocolate, I had an amazing peanut butter and banana, and they had absolutely no interest in trying it. Your loss kiddies, Auntie Stephie's milkshake rocked. We all had burgers in baskets with fries, and originally sat up at the bar and coloured in menus. Unfortunately the niblings are tiny little petite niblings and there were not enough coats going around to boost them high enough to eat properly, so we had to switch to a table.

We played some hangman and other word games, Ruthie's contribution was that one person had to think of a letter and the other person had to think of a word that began with it.

After lunch we had a little wander round Dockside to buy Susie a little present, and then headed over to the park. Yay! The Park! There was sun and everything! We played in the actual playground for a little while but had to move on because youths were hanging out in there on all the things the kids would have liked to play on. Ergh.

We decided to have a big run and played some Sticky Toffee for a little while, until I got Joe and he strangely decided he didn't want to play anymore. Strange, huh? After a further wander and run and roll around, thirst kicked in so we headed home.

Seconds after we got through the door Susie was spectacularly and repeatedly sick. Jen ran her upstairs to get her into the bath and I cleaned up downstairs. She seemed better for a little while, and then it appeared again.

What's happening to my niblings?! I'm wondering if they're allergic to me...we shall see if Keira is unwell next time I see her. Eeep.

That evening I went out with some friends for Gemma's belated birthday celebration. Just the five of us having a curry in town, and the usual hilarious drive home afterwards. If anyone has a spare £400,000 going could you let me know? There's a fort I need to buy.



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