Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 120 - Dinner with Ma n Pa

30th April 2013

As it's my birthday this Friday and I'm not going back down to Kent, I met up with Mum and Dad for a lovely dinner instead. Dad works round about West London so occasionally Mum will come up in the afternoon and meet up with us both for some food before they head on home. We tend to go to Westfield as it's a nice easy spot to meet and get home from, and there's plenty of mooching opportunities while we wait for the Pa.

On this occasion we went to GBK, I've been in a mad burger mood for a long time since having that beaut from The Haven Arms and thought that this would suffice, particularly as I could add jalapenos, my other addiction.

I've got to say...disappointment GBK. Dis. A. Ppoint. Ment. My burger came without the jalapenos ordered, I thought they might be more concentrated in the middle so it was a while before I could be sure. I'd also got the Avocado and Bacon burger, and it was definitely just Guacamole. Now, I love a bit of guacamole, don't get me wrong, but I'd been expecting just avocado. Also, the guacamole was really peppery and it totally overpowered it. It was fairly sad. Still demolished it though. Hunger, innit.

I took them afterwards to get coffee from Sacred, my favourite coffee place in the world, it just tastes so good. I used to get my caffeine hit from here when I was at Apple, the first sip I ever took was followed by me stopping in my tracks and looking at the cup in wonderment. Beautiful. Naturally, it being at least 7pm I got decaf, as I'm not a mental. Mum and Dad are utter mentals and have coffee as a drink before bed! I ask you!!

With lots of love and hugs Mum and Dad headed off and I decided to go to Supercuts and see if I could get a quick trim. I usually avoid Supercuts as I've had bad experiences, but I decided it had been a long time, I'd give them another chance. My good grief. The trim took off a good 3 inches, and my layers are far too short and far too much hair is a layer, there isn't enough hair in the long part. She asked me whether I wanted it blow dried naturally or straight, so I said naturally thinking of how it usually looks if I just dry my hair without any particular effort one way or another. Oh no. I came out of there looking like Friends Season 1 Rachel. Not a good thing anymore lady. It was put up as soon as I was clear of the windows and straightened as soon as I got home to try and make sense of the thing.

Really very very annoyed with it I was. Time will tell if it settles over the next week or so - that's when I'll really know what it looks like. I can tell you one thing for sure, never going back to Supercuts, I will be buying my haircuts from Groupon now. Pah.


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