Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 135 - Belgo

16th May 2013

Today is both Claire's and Tom's birthday. May really is the birthday season in this group. Claire was rather selfishly in Belfast, so we couldn't heap love on her for her birthday. Some people eh? Pfft. 

Tom thought things through and handily decided to live here so we could all celebrate together. We were all to go for a meal at Belgo in Covent Garden. I had been here about 4 years previously, whilst at uni, and had been looking forward to going back. It has an insane array of beers available, and some yummy food. The speciality is mussels which is a shame, because I'm not entirely sure that I can eat seafood. The last few times I've eaten it I've been ill, and though I really wanted to try the mussels I also really didn't want to spend the night revisiting them, so a burger it was. The burger was merely ok...but the beer made me happy. It was peachy...and yummy. Mmmm.

I don't know if you've met Chris before. This is Chris. Hi Chris!
I really need to get over thinking I look like an idiot if I use my speedlite in public. I always feel that everyone watching will think I'm being a pretentious "ooh look at me and my simply ENORMOUS camera" idiot and get funny about using the flash even when I desperately want to and the situation demands it. The photos from tonight really suffered, as although I did eventually attach the flash I had it set too low and pointing in pretty much the opposite direction to what was needed. 

The next few photos are from Tom. He stole my camera, threatened not to give it back and then emptied my battery. Thanks guy.

She actually licked my ear. What. The face you can see here is me realising she's not smiling next to me. She's licking my ear. 

Here I'm saying "Tom, that won't work, the table is too long, the lens is too short...." and he is clearly ignoring me. Prink.

Fun night, adequate food, delicious beer. Really wish it hadn't been a Thursday, they were just too yummy. 



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