Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 130 - Sand cake

10th May 2013

Got home and decided today would be the day to make my sand cake. I'd been reading about it for awhile, and threatening it for awhile. Today was to be the day.

I got my stuff out, and sieved my flour. Nice new sieve with no holes in it or anything. I looked for my next step and saw eggs had appeared on the list where I had never seen them before. Gah. Off to the shops.

Back from the shops.

Everything ready to go, including my super fancy, extra nice, including the little seedies, vanilla extract. It smelt amazing at this point, I was pretty excited.

I found the mixing to be particularly pretty. Unfortunately for me the mixer gave up the ghost after about 2 minutes of mixing. Brand new. Going back to Argos asap methinks. Go a step up from the £5.99 maybe...

I had this plan. I don't have a stencil for decoration, and I don't particularly want to buy one. I thought I would be able to make a much more individual creation with greaseproof paper and a craft knife. 

I decided to start off with something fairly simple. I can try more once I see how this one turns out....and this one is going to turn out.....

....a mess.

Going to take the cake out of the oven the shelf slipped off it's slot and the cake slid slowly and surely off the side and upside down onto the floor, accompanied by me screaming "NOOOOOOO!" in slow motion.


It still tasted good, but went stale very quickly. Alas. I couldn't try again as the mixer had packed up and I'm not sure I could manage that by hand. It's a very dense mix.

Wish me luck next time.



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