Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 124 - Date with a Dino

4th May 2013

Got up this morning planning to do as little as possible. I pretty much managed it.

Claire and I spent a few hours in the front room, making many cups of tea and chatting. For a second I could convince myself that she still lived here and it made me happy. Then I remembered she didn't. Sad.

After our many cups of tea we wandered into town as Claire was meeting some friends for dinner an dI wanted to see what I could do about my phone. Naturally, we tired at Ealing Broadway and stopped for coffee. Joy!

Phone unable to be repaired/replaced quickly as I did the sensible thing of smashing my phone on a bank holiday weekend. Wednesday being my earliest chance, I wended my way back home, settled in with my delicious green chocolate Dino - thanks Lynsey! - and a massive glass of orange juice and relaxed the rest of the day away. Lovely.



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