Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 122 - Work goodies

2nd May 2013

Like a lot of other workplaces, at school you bring in some goodies for your birthday. Being in the baking mood I have been recently, I decided I would make things rather than just buy stuff.

I had such big plans. I had some box mixes to make cupcakes, and also fancied making a big cake. I popped into town to get extra ingredients and that's where it fell down a bit.

Whilst there I got a message from Nich saying "....I'm in the pub." I'm not made of stone! How could I turn something like that down? I went over to the pub, dumped my shopping in Nich's house and settled down. We were at The Haven Arms, so I was able to order my amazing burger of dreams. It made me every bit as happy as it had before. It's beautiful. If you're in Ealing and fancy a burger, ignore GBK, ignore anywhere else, go here. Make sure you order it with Bacon and Cheese as well, apparently it makes all the difference.

Of course, my plans were thrown off somewhat. Got to a point where I thought I would end up getting up early to go to Morrisons to buy goodies. Eep.

Amazingly, I still had some energy when I got in. Clearly I wasn't going to be making the cake I had envisioned, but I did make the cupcakes. Half chocolate swirl cake, half devil's food cake. All beautiful. They were frosted with Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge, aka heaven in a tin, and sprinkled with crushed up Maryland cookies.

They look awesome in my lovely new tins. Mmm. I hope I manage to get one, staff rooms are dangerous places for cakes.



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