Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 125 - Various pubs

5th May 2013

The weather was nice enough today, what to do, what to do....oh yeah, pub.

I went with Nich to meet her friend Alicia from Paris, along with her son Dylan. We set ourselves up in a pub next to the river in Isleworth and spent a completely pleasant and happy afternoon chatting, making paper aeroplanes and playing paper volleyball.

Dylan and I bonded, not gonna lie. He took some awesome photos with my camera...

Good, isn't he? Excellent job little man!

After the pub, Nich and I decided to go and meet Ben who was out with his pal Ben and his girlfriend Cara. After some bussing and meandering we eventually found them and started an enjoyable evening. We went into a couple of pubs then walked for AGES trying to find one that could make food happen to our faces.

We ended up in a place in Hammersmith called Southern Belle. It did a pretty awesome Chilli Dog, I'm not gonna lie at you. There was a jazz-y band playing, it was a nice enough spot. Good job AroundMe.

Pretty much the best way to spend a Sunday with no Monday after it.



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