Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 129 - Wagamama

9th May 2013

Today, as Lynsey is off to Austria with work, we headed down for food. Originally the plan was Hare and Tortoise, mmmm. However Lynsey didn't think booking was necessary/possible (ahem, Lynsey..) so when we got there we found we had a wait of an hour at least for a table. Ack. I had the hunger as well man.

Instead we managed to find space in Wagamama. It opened in Ealing fairly recently, so I don't think as many people are aware that there is a branch open.

I highly enjoyed my soup, and may have to go back for more soon. Or have it delivered. The problem with Wagamama is the seating, I felt very hunched over and far away, leading to a distinct indigestion feeling dans my belly. I think this would be much improved by me being on my sofa in pyjamas. Just Saying.

I took my camera with me and of course forgot all about it. I had to stop by at Nichola's on the way home to pick some stuff up, and then she offered tea and like I'm gonna turn down tea! Pshaw.

So a photo of my tea will have to do.



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