Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 137 - LOUD NOISES.

18th May 2013

The Flood decided to come in and hang out with me today. Yay! Nich had been part of the plan originally but she has the lurgy and can't talk. What a relief, amIright? 

Firstly, apologies for photo quality. I took my battery out to charge and completely forgot to put it back in. Grrr. There are fisheye photos, but we don't know how they came out yet, so we just have my phone, which appears to produce really rubbish photos. 

We met in Waterloo and wended our way towards the river. Walking through the market we spotted some cakes that look amazing, entirely amazing. After much gazing and back and forthing, we both bought a cake, mine was Banoffee Pie. Mmm.

Not so mmm. Pretty disappointing actually. Even more disappointing knowing that we had walked past some godly looking brownies afterwards. They could have been in my belly! And they weren't! They weren't! 

We cheered up when we heard this band. They were fun, we wanted to join in a jig but we were the only two volunteers and we couldn't. Boo.

After watching the band for an insane number of songs we ambled further along to the Tate. After entering we realised that we had been there far too many times and it was all old news. Snooze. Planning on a visit again soon to see the Lichtenstein exhibit before it closes.

I had a huge amount of fun embarrassing my dear friend here. On one occasion I surprised her just as we were round the corner from a video...she made a fantastic noise and then had to enter the room with everyone knowing she had made it, as I was the one shaking and bent double with laughter. There were tears. I might have died.

After the Tate we headed towards Borough Market, but were stopped in our tracks by The Clink. We decided that we had walked past this on so very many occasions and thought we should go in and were yet to do so.

Here she is looking tortured.

Here I am looking sorry for my wrong doings.

Hunger well and truly set in and too late for food at the Market, we got ourselves over to Soho with the thought of Bodean's in our brains. Alas, it's too popular these days, sob. We tried in Slug and Lettuce and were told after being given a menu that they weren't serving food. Pah. 

Our final attempt was Bella Italia and it worked. With Clubcard vouchers we were able to get a meal for a tenner each, thank you Mr and Mrs Flood! I ate it all! After a delicious pudding ice cream from Haagen Dazs we went for a drink in Waxy O'Connors - apparently it's Samantha's favourite pub. She might have mentioned it before. Maybe. 

From there we were able to meet Tom, Naomi, Chris, and Tom's sister and her husband - Fran and James - who I actually knew as a teenager and were the first links Tom and I discovered. We were all going to an Anchorman Quote-along for Tom's birthday.

Now, I wasn't sure about this. Wouldn't it just be really rather completely annoying? Well, no. It was brilliant. Tom managed to win a DVD by drinking a pint of milk in 6 seconds, wahey! I really enjoyed myself and would definitely do it again - if you have the chance, go! 

After a long, tiring, and absolutely fun day, I got home, had a nice glass of wine with Naomi before succumbing to the lost momentum a trip back from Central always causes. 

Excellent day. 

"There were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident."



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