Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 132 - Lomo

13th May 2013

As I mentioned yesterday, the girls got me a Lomo fisheye camera for my birthday. I had had my eye on one of these since uni, and never got round to buying one. I took a photography unit and our tutor had one and it looked like a whole lot of fun, but it was never enough in the forefront of my mind to treat myself to one when I had the spare cash.

So I was extra excited and happy to unwrap one from the girls on Saturday, and couldn't wait to get stuck in. There was a slight mishap however. I found myself a battery, loaded up my film, wound it on and let the flash warm up. I took my photo aaannnd....nearly blew my eyebrow off. Not exactly sure what happened, but after this extra loud bang the flash wouldn't fire. We took it off round town anyway, hoping that natural light would be enough for the most part.

Today I took it into Westfield to swap for a working version and get photos developed - the novelty! It's been a long while since I spent an hour wandering around a shopping centre waiting for photos. Better than the Pentagon by far.

Sadly, the exact camera that the girls had bought me wasn't available anymore, but I was able to replace it almost exactly. It's still a fisheye, except now it's black and white instead of bright pink. Rather annoying that they couldn't just take my camera and give me a working one, it was a huge faff of returning the money to a gift card and then starting all over again as a new transaction for the new camera, but at least I've got one and it's done. Maybe I should have feigned eye problems after my watch the birdie experience, got them fawning over me? Sigh. I wish I were more callous.

When I finally ambled back into Boots, eagerly awaiting some fun photos, I was told that only 3 of them had come out. Good for Boots, they only charged me £2 for them instead of the £8 it was supposed to be. Here are the ones that came out...

The girls

Carnaby Street
Lomography store
Not entirely great. But I imagine this camera will require a lot of experimentation (is that a word? It doesn't feel like a word) and hopefully having a flash will make some difference. It's certainly strange to go back to not knowing what my photos look like straight away. I am certainly going to have to invest in some film, I feel that I'm going to get through these fairly swiftly.



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