Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 131 - PJ Day

12th May 2013

I didn't do too well with my promise not to leave it so long between updates. In my defence, it was my birthday weekend and bank holiday on top of that. 

The girls left fairly early this morning, and I've had a productive yet relaxful (deal with it) day. 

First things first, deflated the airbed. Check. Then had a bit of a sit down, cause that was pretty strenuous. Then I started importing my photos and finally upgraded the RAM on my little Macbook. It's been sitting in my drawer for about two months, being put off over and over again. Today was the day. A whopping 2GBs, just watch me flash by. 

Photos finally imported and laptop in faster working order I settled myself down to write some points. This has been my view for awhile. On the left you can see my lovely new fisheye camera. Might pop into Westfield tomorrow to try and sort it out, and maybe process my first film! Excitement!



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