Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 136 - Picturehouse

17th May 2013

A few of us went into Notting Hill to see the Great Gatsby tonight at the Gate Picturehouse. It's an amazing cinema, I absolutely fell in love. It's beautiful inside, as you can kind of see, and there is all the leg room. 

There are times when I hate the cinema purely based on leg room. My legs are long and my hips suffer. Here I was able to relax entirely and enjoy the film without shifting about almost constantly and trying to surreptitiously stretch my legs out under the seat in front. Bliss.

The film itself...hmm. I enjoyed it, but it was very Baz Luhrmann. There was no escaping that fact. I know that directors have a style, but this felt so much like Moulin Rouge at points that I wouldn't have been surprised if the scene segued into the Can Can in Montmartre. Good way to spend an evening though, and if you get the chance to go to the Picturehouse, do.

I took this with my phone, having decided to take the Fisheye out. I love this camera, but it does leave me having to wait for a film to develop before seeing any photos. I think I'll do a post whenever I develop a film for any photos you miss out on from these days - though I'll also try and take a photo with my phone or camera as well. I don't like you to miss out. I'm just kind that way.



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