Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 134 - Bathtime

15th May 2013

Today was long. It was a "I can't believe it's still only Wednesday" Wednesday. Couldn't wait to get home and make bedtime a reality.

As I returned Lynsey was in the bath, and I had to postpone the shower I was planning on taking before getting pyjama'd and sleepy. I put on the kettle and thought for a second and decided, actually maybe a shower wouldn't be too relaxing, I too would partake of a bath. Lynsey finished her bath and I ran mine, collecting all my standard bathtime accoutrements: Tea, candles, kindle, music and, of course, towel and pjs. 

I love me some bubbles. The photo shows the bath after I decided the bubbles that had already appeared were not sufficient and more would need to be added. It did look rather pretty in its swirly red pattern, but by the time I had got my camera it had dissipated and started on its all important job.

It was a highly satisfying bath. Very very hot, excellent tea, interesting book. This is, as they say, the life. 

Or it would be...if it was also a standalone bath in a beautiful bathroom and I had a flake to eat. would be the life.



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