Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 123 - Happy Birthday to me! Smash.

3rd May 2013

It's my birthday! Quarter of a century old now, I hear it's all downhill from here? But then I suspect I've heard that every year since birth.

First message came through at some ridiculous time in the morning from my lovely friend Remi. Remi has a very young, beautiful baby, so I suspect baby Amelia had more to do with the timing than Remi's eagerness to send me birthday wishes. I could be wrong. 

Something I was greatly looking forward to was my birthday message from Joe, Ruth and Susie. I've been getting video messages since Joe was a baby, and they have increased in their awesomeness with every year.

Sadly, 2012 is on Facebook only, not Youtube. Sorry dudes. Trust me though, awesome.

This year was great, early morning hearing 'Good Time' going as I got ready for work, surprisingly good get up tune, who knew?

School was fun. The kids loved that it was my birthday, and made me playdough birthday cakes all day long. I got three renditions of Happy Birthday from each session of Nursery and Reception, two of them included 25 claps. Those claps never seemed to end.

At the end of the day while I was sitting with a few children still waiting to be collected, a child from the morning session crept back in and surprised me with these flowers! His mum said he had come home and insisted that they needed to get me some, and picked these out himself. To say my heart melted would be an understatement.

I came home to find some macarons from Tom, amazing. They didn't last long. Ahem.

That evening we headed out to Wahaca. The plan had been Bodean's, but alas, the universe didn't want us to go there. Wahaca's still good and it was a fantastic night, I was highly spoilt by my fantastic friends with some amazing gifts, and had so much fun seeing so many of them all in one place. I had the crowing glory of being sung Happy Birthday to a fourth time, this time in a restaurant, but there was real edible cake this time so I was able to forgive them. Tasty.

After getting absolutely stuffed, we headed home completely shattered. I was shattered yet excitable...I knew who would be waiting for me...CLAIRE! SO HAPPY! I wish we'd had more energy, but the end of the week was too much I think. We all sat down for a lovely chat and a little glass of wine before each retiring to beddy byes.

An almost entirely lovely day. Why not entirely lovely? Well, me being me, I did this today.




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