Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 138 - The cake is a Truth.

19th May 2013

Today was attempt two at my cake. You remember. The ill fated cake. I had purchased myself a new mixer and was raring to go.
It's a pretty sexy mixer too.
Anyone else having deja vu?

Right, so here we have where I failed last time. I was taking this out of the oven with all the care that I bestow on my baby niece. I was overjoyed when the cooling time completed and I could take it out of the tin and it was in one piece. So happy.


I proceeded with the decoration I had had in the works for over a week. Starting with delicious Chocolate Fudge frosting. I hate using the word frosting, but I don't want to say icing. Such trials and tribulations. 

My stencil was in place and looked like it was going to do the job wonderfully.

I kinda wished I had another cake to do an inverted design with the stencil. Maybe next time (nope, never gonna happen). 

And here we have it! The cake I have been aiming for for so long! I'm glad the stencil worked, I'll have to try some more intricate designs and some new cakes soon. The cake is good, but it could be moister. Something to work on. It is tasty, so do try Sand Cake if you like yourself some cake.



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