Monday, 8 July 2013

Support Death Ship 666!

I know, I know, I'm terrible. I've been taking photos, but the energy to write has been severely lacking. I intend to post up all photos soon, likely with captions instead of a post.

What I wanted to post, before it is too late, is about Death Ship 666!

One of the many wonderful people I've met through Nichola is Gemma. Gemma is fantastically funny and talented and lovely and clever and I associate her with Professor Brian Cox. In short, she is everything that I should hate her for, but in fact I enjoy her company immensely. Witchcraft at work methinks. 

She is one third of Box Step Productions, yet more fantastically funny an talented people who have written all sorts of things in the past. Now they have written Death Ship 666! A Titanic parody play.

I went to see the London previews a couple of weeks ago, expecting it to be brilliant, but I have been utterly blown away by how exceptionally AMAZING it is. You know how you expect friends' stuff to be good, but then it surpasses it times a million? That. It's so much fun, the cast are perfect and the work that had been put into it shines through. There are so many moment one could rave about, but some miming involving after eights has proved to one that there is so much more to be mimed about after eights than one might imagine.

They need your help. They have a kick starter campaign, and have managed to make their minimum total needed to take them to Edinburgh and be able to like, eat and stuff. Unfortunately their accommodation has fallen through an they need to get up to £7000 ASAP. 

Please please please pledge. The whole group of people have worked so hard and deserve this break. I loved the show, and have had to talk myself out of seeing it a third time. I can't say I've been entirely successful, I'm quite grumpy with myself for being so inflexible about the whole thing. 

Please pledge, go to Edinburgh and watch it, and thank me however you see fit. I accept jewels. 

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