Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 165 - Bex's Birthday part ii


15th June 2013

For Bex's official celebrations, she is so much like the queen in many ways, we went on a treasure hunt. Text clues were sent to her phone, and we scurried over the place finding our answers. On a sunnier day this would have been perfectly lovely. However it was an exceedingly rainy day, so we were forced to seek shelter in a pub for awhile. Ah well, these things, they happen.

I had to depart from the hunt earlier than I really wanted to as I had to get home, throw new clothes on and head back out. To celebrate Shreena and Krishna's last time in London before he steals her away and imprisons her in Texas, we were off bowling and to a 90s vs 80s night. The last time we had been at this night it had been off the wall BRILLIANT, and I was looking forward to repeating it. 

As I was still injured and not wishing to inflict further damage on my hand, I was bowling left handed. My first ball was much better than expected. After that I was basically flinging it down the alley and trailed miserably. Boo. 

The night was fun, but I'm afraid it didn't live up to the last time. Samantha and I were the last ones left, and endured a night bus home, with me inexplicably telling her all about how you say 'I find', 'I believe' and 'I think' in french. It utterly baffled me when we got off the bus and it was daytime. I'm not usually an all night partier, and our arrival after the sun had risen had more to do with the eternity it took to get the bus home rather than our party stamina.

It's the daytime!!!



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