Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 151 - Rendezvous with relax

1st June 2013

Now, the plan was to go and play some dinosaur themed mini golf. However, Nich had to go and screw that all up by being injured. For goodness' sake. Suck it up woman! "Moving" isn't all that important.

Instead I chose to make the most of one of my last days of half term and start my next book. Since getting my Kindle at Christmas I really have been reading a whole lot more, despite my lack of commute and therefore ideal reading time. My main reading time is either on the way to Leytonstone, when I can get a couple of hours in no worries if I don't nap, or in the bath.

So when I found myself with time to use in exactly the way I wanted to, why not read? I love a bit of a futuristic story...dystopias are among my favourite, though I will always have a soft spot in my heart for murder *maniacal laugh*.

Rendezvous with Rama was recommended to me by my brother, who had also bought it for my sister at Christmas. As siblings go, we are pretty similar in our tastes for tv, film and books, so it is unsurprising that we all should enjoy this. Thanks to our wonderful Dad we all have a bit of love for Sci-Fi, though Stu and Jen far outrank me in their love for all things 'Star'. I've watched more than my fair share of Star Trek in all its incarnations, but only because they had the control of the remote and they are older than me. I have much to thank them for though, making references to Voyager or similar has earnt me looks of surprised respect on more than a few occasions.

Thank you Dad, you made me the geek I will always be at heart.



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