Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 152 - Swap Shop

2nd June 2013

Of course the first post requires attention, it was too fabulous a day.

Zuzi invited me to my new favourite thing. A swap shop. I duly looked out some clothes, shoes, a dvd or two and a whole mess of books that I wanted rid of and trundled them across town to East London. Once we found this little place, secreted away in a parish hall through a café, we gave them our things and received in return a raffle ticket for each item. This ticket was worth another item...and we were set free to browse.

I had imagined something larger, but I actually enjoyed the smaller atmosphere, there wasn't too much to look through and you could be sure you'd get something if you wanted it. I came away most happy, and with 5 of my 16 items previously being owned by Zuzi or Bex. Only 1 of these was intentional, a dress I had always loved when Zuzi wore it at uni and was finally able to seize the opportunity to make it mine, ALL MINE. I found some dvds, some scarves, a hat...! I absolutely loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Someone organise one in West London please. I have tat to get rid of, and I'm sure I can replace it with more useful/pretty/different tat.



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