Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 160 - Bex's Birthday

10th June 2013

It's Bex's birthday! Lucky me, she was over west for the day and so I was able to meet her for dinner. My plans fell through somewhat when it turned out the Haven doesn't do food on Mondays. I KNOW. We enjoyed our wine and decided that we would head to Hare and Tortoise, a place I adore and can rarely turn down when offered, much like the burger.

After much birthday chat and hugs, Bex wended her weary way back to Leytonstone, and I walked the ten minutes back to the flat. Being that far from home when I leave these girls is a rarity and I enjoyed every second.

When I arrived I found a belated birthday present from Stu, Sara and Keira.

Isn't it fantastic?! All my darling Niblings, and a wonderful name for the cakes I make when given the chance. Nibling...nibbling...d'ya see? Hehe.



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