Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 161 - Injury

11th June 2013

That's right, yet another injury and once again sustained at work. I'm starting to get a reputation.

There's a lot of scope for repetitive strain injury working at a school. At the beginning of the year when I was preparing things for the classroom I got blisters from all the cutting. This particular injury I can only describe as Stapler's Wrist.

There I was, happily making a boat for a display. We end up using staples a lot as our glue is usually covered in glitter and paint and isn't the most useful in the world. It's also quicker and stress relieving. So I'm there, stapling portholes and the like and putting a lot of force into it. As I have explained to many friends - the problems were threefold:
  1. Bad stapler. 
  2. Wrong staples.
  3. Too. Much. Stapling.
Our stapler disappeared into the depths and whorls of time many moons ago. So we started using another one. This one was stiff and required a lot of force to work, on a good day. Having inspected the staples we have come to the conclusion that the wrong size staples had been loaded into that deadly chamber. This combination lead to a stapling situation involving my good self here putting my whole weight onto the stapler with each go.

Afterwards my wrist hurt but in that kind of...ooh, I've done that particular activity a lot just now kind of way. By the end of the day it was still hurting, a lot, and so I picked up a support wrap on the way home to give it a bit of a rest.

To be continued.....

.....Except most of you know what happened anyway, so there's relatively little suspense here.




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