Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 148 - Acorn Antiques eh?

29th May 2013

For the feels like forever but is more likely something like 6 months, Lynsey has been out rehearsing for a show with a local theatre company. Strangely, Sunday and Wednesday evenings have been rather quiet for the last 6 months. I wonder if there's any correlation? Ha.

Tonight was opening night, so Nich, Ben, Miss Floodseroonie and I were off out to watch her. I greatly enjoyed the show, I had never watched Acorn Antiques itself, but am aware of it and the style it is played and it transferred to the stage fantastically. The woman playing Mrs Overall had her down perfectly, and the 'everything is going wrong with the set' stuff was brilliant. As, naturally, was Lynsey.

And that was that. OH wait! You wanted something interesting and tantalising that I mentioned yesterday? Well ok.

Yes indeedy. Come September, after I have performed my maid of honour duties for Ally, I will be off to the Great White North for some adventures and exploring. I have been thinking and half planning for it since the beginning of the year, but now it's an actual reality. It's incredibly exciting and scary in equal measures. I am itching to plan as much as I can now, but I know that will hold me back somewhat when it gets to being there, so I'm trying just to do the sensible planning now. I'm going to get a map and some notebooks soon, get some lists going. If you have any hints or tips or places you think I absolutely MUST go, then tell me! I'm going by myself, so will be looking for people to meet up with and make my life fun for the four months till I'm back in Blighty. I also need to work out how I intend to keep the blog going, as I don't know how I will upload photos. But I'll find a way, I'm sure.




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