Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 146 - T is for...

27th May 2013

Samantha and I had a plan to try and go to see the Lichtenstein exhibit at the Tate Modern, Clare was going to come, it was going to be exciting. Then we couldn't get tickets. Boo. So, instead, we made a plan to go to the Coulthard Museum and see Picasso. All we had to do was go to Temple, and we'd be fine.

We all met at Paddington Station, Sam and I a little earlier than Clare. We wandered around, got an iced coffee and chatted whilst waiting.

Clare arrived, we ran lovingly into her arms, and made our way to the tube, where we did that terrible thing of getting onto a train that wasn't going far enough for us. Stupid Circle line. Here's where our troubles started. Clare and I looked at one sign and determined we needed to be standing on one side of the platform. Sam looked at another and insisted to us that it was quicker by the other platform. I looked at the list of stations and said "I don't see Temple on there..." She quickly counted out on our side that there were 12 stops to Temple and only 10 stops to Tower Hill, without saying the names outloud. We, again, voiced our concerns that this wasn't right, but she was just so sure of herself that we thought she must have another plan. She insisted that we only had misgivings because it was her and things generally tend to go wrong when she's involved. We gave in and got on the other tube.

As we were crossing the bridge, she piped up "Why are we here? Didn't we need to go to Temple?" Cue exasperated looks and an eventual admission that she just plain hadn't read the words properly, had seen a T and assumed it was the right word. This is why we don't trust her with plans. Oh dear.

Still, we had a really fun day despite the initial problems. We made a half hearted attempt at heading towards our original destination, but settled on a casual wander and meander through what is fast becoming my stomping grounds, Southbank. We got some food from the market, did a whole lot of people watching, and then an ice cream before calling it a day.

Not the day I expected, but a very very funny one nonetheless. Thanks girls!



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