Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 141 - Life Drawing

22nd May 2013

A couple of days ago Lynsey posted on my wall about a life drawing class she had found online. When Miss Flood lived with us she used to go to classes all the time, and I always talked about going along without ever managing to. Of course, now she's not here to join. Boo. Luckily for me she gifted us Clare before leaving, so I had a pal to go with.

I've done life drawing a couple of times, once in school, once in uni. It's a lot of fun, I really enjoy drawing but can only do it when there's something there to draw. That imagination thing people keep talking about doesn't seem to flow correctly for me when it comes to drawing. Sad face. 

I had a really nice evening. It's so nice to have some time where you can't possibly think of anything else, you can't worry about washing or work or anything else. And it's always fun to get a bit messy.




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