Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 144 - Braintree

 25th May 2013

This morning I was up and showered and raring to go, unbelievably excited about seeing my family. It hadn't been that long, but it had certainly felt it, and I was absolutely ready to cuddle all my babies, even the ones who are getting too grown up to be squished by their Auntie Stephie.

I was seconds away from departing when Tom found another stash of sprinkles that I couldn't resist adding to the cake to make it look that bit more exciting. My longing to eat some was pretty huge I'm telling you.

Finally, I was in the car, and a not too shabby hour and a half later I was in Braintree with Stu, Sara and Keira. Shock of the century, she was being adorable.

A quick cuddle later and we headed over to the pub we were having lunch in to meet everyone else. Amazingly we were given a room to ourselves, it was fantastic, like our own little function room. It meant the kids could get out a bit of energy without annoying anyone else, and we could all exercise our massive laughs and spread out.

Look at my darlings! Look at them!!

After a yummy dinner and pudding we gathered ourselves up and went back to Stu and Sara's pad, Twelve Acres. No, they do not live in a field, I have to give names to every home now.

The kids were happy enough amusing themselves with all Sara's childminding kit, and were as absolutely hilarious and wonderful as they ever are. Joe was drawing up designs for a robot, Ruthie was proving her teacher gene, Susie was reading stories to Keira, and Keira was loving every second. Ruthie proved herself to be her Auntie's niece by coming to inform me I had a glass of Pimms waiting for me by announcing "Auntie Stephie, it's Pimms o'clock! What a girl.

After a (perfect) dinner of rolls, it was finally time for cake. I had Ruthie and Keira telling me how much they loved me which I, naturally, lapped up and rewarded with cake. Joe insisted he didn't want cake unless it was chocolate cake, but changed his mind after he saw and inspected the one on offer.

The Funfetti was really quite yummy, if I do say so myself. It was a recipe for White Velvet Cake, here, and I'm more than a bit tempted to try making cupcakes from it, just so I can have some more. Nomnomnomnom.The Carrot and Courgette was nice, but I'm not a huge fan of walnuts. I'm informed by my mum that it's tasty, so she got the rest cause I'm lovely like that.

Entirely enjoyable and lovely day. Thanks family for being so awesome!



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