Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 147 - Tate

28th May 2013

Just in case I haven't had enough culture recently, I went to Tate Britain with Zuzi and her friend Isobel. There was a plan to see whatever exhibition was on and do some drawing of whatever it was.

After a nice long wander round the museum and asking 3 people where the exhibit was, we were finally told there was one on. Oh. Ah well, fun anyway.

Back out into the miserable grey day we headed, and decided that the only thing for it would be to go and get some wine. Off we marched to a pub in Westminster, where Zuzi and I had a lovely chat and Isobel fell asleep, being absolutely shattered. The manager came over and told us she wasn't allowed to be asleep as it looked like she was so drunk she'd passed out. Now I understand this, but she clearly was not. She had a full glass of wine in front of her, and Zuzi and I were chatting in depth about pyschopaths, what makes someone a psychopath etc etc. We were being very academic. Not blind drunk girls. We think that maybe someone had said something to him because he seemed particularly embarrassed about having to tell us to wake up our friend. Boo. Worse things happen in Parliament every day, seems like they're asleep half the time....ha...yeah...Satire.

After a hop back to Leytonstone Zuzi was kind enough to give me some dinner and some evening entertainment with her lovely boyfriend and some friends, including Kyle which pleased me, because I missed his face loads. 

Once again my day had not gone as planned, but it was highly enjoyable all the same. Love my friends, love living in London. I'm really going to miss it. Oooooh, tantalising......



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