Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 143 - Funfetti

25th May 2013

Tomorrow I'm going over to Braintree to visit my brother, sister in law and tiny baby Keira. The rest of the family are coming up too, and I am incredibly excited about seeing my babies again! Ahead of this I decided to make some delicious baked goods. Mmmm.

The first cake is one I've seen on my travels across the internet for years and was yet to make. It seemed fun and fairly easy, Funfetti. From what I gather it's a box mix in the states, which would have been a whole lot easier, a lot less messier, and probably a lot less fun.

I made the first two layers, expecting them to be the only two layers, but when I got them out of the oven I realised my cake tins were too wide and the layers were too shallow for my liking. I had started making the second cake by this point, and realised I would have to go for what has become my traditional trip to North Ealing Supermarket for ingredients. I was also low on sprinkles, but North Ealing had none of these to supply me, so two layers were a little more sprinkle spartan than the others. I of course found another bottle after it was too late.

Started stirring in the sprinkles and then decided to take a photo. Happy coincidence that it formed an 'S'!

The second cake is a carrot and courgette cake. I have obviously partaken of carrot cake on many occasions through the years, but was yet to try courgette cake and I was keen to try. I found the recipe on a low GI website, looking for something my mum can enjoy as she has diabetes. You'd think it would be easier to find recipes like this, most things I found were on forums and had all sorts of ingredients unavailable in the UK, or easily at least. It was fairly easy to make, but grating 500g of carrot and courgette is boring. And damp. And boring. And also damp. Bleurch.

It looks so appetising doesn't it?

I used one of my new springform pans, so it would be a pretty heart. I think with the top evened out and iced or glazed or something it would definitely look like a pretty heart, but that I think would defeat the healthy(ish) purpose of the cake. There was a recipe for a glaze, but transport issues meant I had to rule it out. Maybe I'll have another go another day!

Funfetti cake...not quite finished.
Carrot and Courgette, ready and waiting to go
Owing to the unexpected extra two cakes to be baked it took a lot longer to finish than I expected, and my spirit was a little dampened by not being able to have even the tiniest little taste, boo.

They looked pretty though!



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