Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Canadian Adventures

I'm in Canada! Have been for just over three weeks now, insane. 

So, I had all this intent to keep everything so up to date, but that's not just going to happen is it? I had a mental couple of weeks before leaving, so all these blog posts are in my head but not down, and a huge amount of photos are on my phone which is now sat in a drawer the other side of the Atlantic, waiting for me to turn her back on in January. 

Clearly, I cannot post about those days. But I took photos, I assure you. My plan is to catch up with them upon my return, but my priority should be the here and now, because I'm not even a quarter of the way through what is probably gonna be my biggest adventure ever and that's so much more exciting than the days when my photo is of my mug. 

The wifi so far has been pretty sketchy. Toronto was hit and miss, though with the correct placement and not moving in the slightest, I old happily watch some netflix. Niagara had amazing wifi in the hostel, but poor socket location. Montréal demanded that I connect outside of my room and tiptoe back in so the precious connection was not disturbed. Here in Québec, I can apparently only connect to the wifi once a week, so I'm seeing a lot of casually walking into Maccy D's and finding myself a secret spot whilst I'm here. 

As I've let so much time pass, I'll do a précis of the places I've been so far, you don't need a day by day telling. I hope you enjoy my nonsense!



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