Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hello blogging my old friend...

I've come to blog with you again...

Hey! It's me! No, for serious, it is! 
I know, I've left somewhat of a gap. Your lives must have felt pretty empty I would have my deepest apologies. But never fear, I missed the blog, and I want to do it better this time around. A whole mess of life happened in the past year though, so I've got plenty of things to fill you in on. 
Where to start? Oh man, I've crocheted all the things. There was one big project that I so wanted to blog about, but as it was a present I had to keep my mouth shut. This was torture, all I wanted to do was whinge. I followed this wonderful pattern from Skeins and More, making a stormtrooper blanket for my brother's 37th birthday. 
Here is the final product...
I should have taken some in progress photos, but I was worried I'd accidentally send them onto birthday boy, or leave them on a memory card that I'd then give him after a wedding. Subterfuge is difficult. 
This took me four months (there is a slight possibility that this present was belated...) and I got through all of Game of Thrones in the process. Unfortunately I have now forged a complete association with crochet and GoT, so now when I watch I feel like I should be crocheting...I have yet to start another project, but I do fear for my productivity without the clash of swords and inevitable, yet still shocking and gruesome death as my soundtrack.
There have been other projects, but this one changed me, and quite possibly Bex. There was wool everywhere in the flat for a frighteningly long time. I have learned the following things:
 1) Blankets. Take. Forever.
 2) Actually though, FOREVER.
 3) Consider joining as you go with granny squares.
 4) You will be sad when it is over and the blanket goes away. 
Speaking of Bex, she is now no longer my friend in East London but my flatmate in East London! I managed to return to this wonderful city, but rather than going back west as I had thought, I have landed in Walthamstow. There are a lot of things I intend to tell you about Walthamstow, I'm excited, you should also be excited. 
This post has become rambly. I tell you what, I'm going to post this and start a new one for the next thing I want to talk about. Ooh! Suspense! 

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