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I arrived in Edmonton about 5 hours later than I had imagined I would. I was tired and fairly grumpy by the time I got to the hostel, not in the best mood to start my exploring. Powering through, I wrapped up and starting exploring Whyte Avenue, one block down from the hostel. 

Whyte Avenue is a quirky sort of street, lots of vintage and independent shops. This kept me amused for a good chunk of my week, as each one had different things to peruse. There was one brilliant shop that I could have spent a fortune in, had I not kept myself strictly reined in at all times. 

I loved looking through all the old toys, though I felt a little sad that it wasn't very likely I'd see something familiar the way I would if I was browsing the same shop at home. 

Browsing through old photographs is always a huge source of pleasure. Imagining all the stories behind each one, and how they've come to be in this basket in a basement shop! A lot of them seemed to be in Germany from what the notes on the back said. Immensely interesting to sit and sift through. I nearly got one as a little memento, but I couldn't decide on a favourite. 


We had snow! It wasn't a huge covering, more of a dusting, but it's still exciting. The cold here is very dry, there were still patches of unmelted snow through the week that would certainly not have lasted back home. Very cold, but nice to finally get to wrap up in all my warm things!

I took myself of to the West Edmonton Mall for a day. This place is enormoid. There is a water park... 

 ...with amazing looking wave machine, 

 ...a sea lion show! So bizarre to see this surrounded by shops...


 ...not forgetting the amusement park! This looked like a lot of fun, but the tickets were too pricey for me. I've not included photos of their ice rink or the china town area of the centre. Immense place, easy to spend awhile wandering around. 

 This is my bunk. How low is that bunk? That bunk is practising for a limbo competition. As I type, my head is stinging from the latest thwack inflicted on it by this blimmin' bunk. It's not a great place to relax, I can't sit up in it and it's very dark. 

Ahead of a possible Halloween party in Calgary I found some things to make a last minute extra cheap costume. In one of the vintage stores I found a red $5 dress and decided to roll with a red riding hood theme. I picked up a $4 slip and a shoestring, and with the kind loan of some scissors from the girls in the shop, I constructed my hood. It does the job, as long as I don't put the hood up. 

Up early tomorrow morning, gotta catch a bus to catch a bus to Calgary. 

Until next time! 



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